Friday, September 22, 2006

And then there were two...

It will be a deadly game on sunday as the finals begin.

Amazing how the UST Growling Tigers clawed their way to the finals beating the Warriors twice! I tried watching the replay last night but fell asleep by half time. Although I woke up enought to catch the last few minutes of the game. The Warriors did their best to win but maybe the absence of Custodio (suspended by the UE Admin themselves due to an infraction of team rules that they didn't want to elaborate).

I'm actually worried coz the Eagles had lousy performances these past few games despite winning. They're bad at offensive rebounding and they tend to be complacent when they're leading the game. If they think their performance against Adamson will earn them the championship, they're totally mistaken.

I do hope we win, I'd love to experience a championship celebration again. And if the Eaglets also win it would definitely be a grand event! Too bad I won't be watching the game live or otherwise coz I have a wedding to attend to. Hopefully I can catch the second game on tv at the hotel I'm staying in. I have an auction next thursday and it will be my first time as an auctioneer!

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