Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's Good To Be...

Yes, it's good to be me... sometimes. Or maybe most of the time.

Turning 20++ wasn't so bad. Yesterday was actually really fun albeit having a slow start. I woke up with a few messages on my phone and went to work with just a dinner at Hap Chan to look forward too. My Dad was out of town until thursday and I will be out of town until friday so the family dinner was moved to saturday. Wew!

I arrived in the office greeted with hugs and kisses from my officemates. More people found out coz my Mom and Dad sent three tulips and my Tocs, my uncle, sent three dozen roses. All colored pink. They were waiting for me on my desk when I arrived. Awww...!

The rest of the day, more birthday messages and calls from friends and other relatives. When I called my Mom and Uncle to thank them they sort of wanted to find out what my schedule was. Do I have a meeting outside the office? Where was I eating lunch? Will I just be in the office the rest of the day? I knew something was up... oh no!

I was on my toes expecting something humiliating but it was already 5pm and I was getting ready to leave for our dinner and there was still no surprise. Thank God! Alas... past five, as I was making sure we had everything we needed for our trip to Tarlac the next day I hear a cheezy birthday song blaring out of a boom box. I sort tried to hide myself in my cubicle but I could hear my Mom's great assistant screaming "asan ba sya?". I lift my head and Tita Nica was there with a cake with one candle and our driver holding the boom box. Then she asked me to blow the candle and announce to the whole office (by now the whole department was crowding my area trying to watch the spectacle unfold): "Hindi pa yan ang birthday gift ni mother". She puts a cd in the boom box and in come John Arcilla (Famas Best Actor awardee and currently doing theatre) and he starts singing this cheezy tagalog song! My embarrassment level just went up ten notches!

So there I was... getting serenaded by a real celebrity as the whole office watch... including our big boss who was really wondering what the hell was going on. I felt happy that my Mom would go all that trouble to celebrate my birthday. After the song Tita Nica hands me a paper telling me my mom feels bad settling for Hap Chan ("but I love their hot & sour soup!!!) so they made reservations at Hexagon at RCBC Tower. Off I went after work. Tito Jun, Tocs, my cousin Ian, my brother Jong, Tita Nica, my boo Tini and of course my Mom were all there to make it special. John Arcilla was also there. His talent fee for three songs was P50,000 but I got to watch him sing not only three songs... but maybe a dozen... coz there was also videoke there. He passed the mic to us saying we should sing too... hell... after his singing how could mere mortals like us follow???? Well, easy. Just a daquiri and couple of beers and we're good to go.

So, I'm a spoiled brat. I don't care. If pampering me is my parents happiness, who am I to stop them?!

My friend said now I'm statistically part of the late twenties demographics. Hmp! Aside from that though... it's really good to be me.


kong-chu said...

happy birthday, girl! :)

Blairbitch said...



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