Monday, September 25, 2006


Yesterday, instead of watching the game live on t.v., I was in Intramuros attending Mark Anthony and Melissa Fernandez's wedding with my mom. They got her as one of their ninangs. I was sort of starstrucked with all the celebrities around me. Actually, I abhor anything showbiz and would cry "yuck! that's sooooo jologs!" at people fawning over these stars. But damn! I couldn't help myself yesterday!

Before the ceremony, we were inside Imaculada having drinks to avoid the heat outside since it was a graden wedding. At our table were Lolit Solis, Mother Lily, Anabelle Rama, Lorna Tolentino and Vilma Santos. My mom marched arm-in-arm with Philip Salvador.

During dinner at Tamayo's Garden where the reception was held, my mom sat at the presidential table with the other sponsors while I sat with Eddie Gutierrez, Lolit Solis, Mother Lily, John Arcillia, Douglas Quijano, Richard Gomez, some ladies I don't recognize and the kid from Super Inggo. When most of the people from my table left already, Rachelle Ann Go sat beside me.


The Buzz and S-Files covered the event and I got a text from a friend she saw me during one of the coverage.


Actually, I wished I got discovered. Mas magaling naman ako sa mga ibang artista noh?!

Oh, and we bullied my brother to take pictures of me and my mom before we left the house. Below are some shots. The rest of the photoshoot can be seen here.

Photo: Jong Clemente

Hair & Make-up: Elmer of Elmer Salon

Shoes and Accessories: Models' own

On Celine: Gown by Christine Go

On Conci: Gown courtesy of Tin Abu


cd said...

Nice pics Cons!!! Tita's wearing really kikay shoes ha! You really take after her...Like mother like daughter! Hahaha!

jillsabs said...

you and your mom look as if you should be in some sosy glossy.

ang taray! :)

Blairbitch said...

Well, frustration namin maging models!

Kikay-ness runs in the family!


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