Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Trip to SFAS and thinking of a BOB

Although I love high fashion brands my roots are really street fashion. Clothes from People are People and the now defunct stores Defect, Havoc and Milkwear are more of my style. I think I'd like to name my style... sexy funk! So I was pleasantly surprised to visit this store that I've heard so much about... the STORE FOR ALL SEASONS. I've actually seen some of the items in magazines but the store is so out of the way for me it took awhile before I finally had the time to drive all the way to Shaw Blvd.

The store houses upcoming local designers and artists. They make just a few pieces of each design so you know your clothes are almost one of a kind. I got funny shirts for me and my brother. Our shirts have these funny remarks in front..."I'm not Ukay today" and "I say chukchak, you say chennes". Prices are reasonable, the shirts were P350 each. Of course the one-of-a-kind items are more expensive.

I'll never get to wear those clothes in the office. That's what's stopping me from splurging. I'm trying to be more sensible in my shopping sprees. I think it's a sign that I'm really getting older!


Do I dare?????

Since the year started I have changed my hairstyle several times already. From straight to curly, re-curled then back to straight, then layered, then even more layered. And now I see this Louise Brooks bob on my friend's blog... argh!

This do is so reminiscent of my hairstyle when I was five years old! I should print this out and show it to my stylist.

Actually, I'm one of those girls that change their look whenever their restless with their lives. My work kinda sucks hence, the numerous trips to the salon for a new look. I need to make myself happy by feeling preety amidst the chaos in the office.

Again, I ask: Do I dare?!

I say: I think I do!

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