Wednesday, July 29, 2009


One of my guilty pleasures is to watch Koreannovelas. First got addicted to Full House, then Lovers in Paris, etc. And I watched it in Korean. I had to make do with the subtitles coz I hate watching it dubbed.

Even my hairdo is Korean inspired. I went to a Korean salon in Makati Ave called Shine Girls. The stylist is awesome! And they give away membership cards too. Aside from that, I'm totally addicted to bulgogi tukpegi, jap chae and kimchi.

So, when this song hit the airwaves, it didn't take long for me to get it stuck in my head. It's been my LSS for a few days now.

I'm so loving the video! I had to look for it in YouTube coz I've gotta learn the dance!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I feel like a rebel in the corporate world because I hate wearing corporate clothes. Our company is very strict when it comes to the proper office attire. I feel like I want to break out and scream! So for me, weekend are Havaianas, and Grendha time, showing off my pedicure and letting my toes free. But I also love wearing sneakers. It's so college... such a no-brainer putting together an outfit.

Aside from Converse, I'd love to collect Superga sneakers! It's an Italian brand that began in 1913. Since then their classic design, Superga Torino have evolved to more fashionable styles.

The country shaped like a boot would know everything about shoes right?!

distressed looking Superga Bologna

their first style, Superga Torino

I'd wear this with minis and tights, Superga Rimini (also comes in gold)

Of course, if I'm maporma, my baby boy should be too! I'm excited to dress him up in cool pogi clothes when he grows bigger. I've started already with lots of Gingersnaps outfits. Wouldn't it look great with these on his tiny feet?!

Superga Stadio

Superga Torino for kids

Adorable right?! Sigh! Wish I could wear sandals and sneakers to work again...

(Superga store at Greenbelt 5 and available in Rustan's)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ang Pekeng LV ni Giselle Sanchez

My friend sent this through email. She said it was from Giselle Sanchez's blog. I find it funny yet insightful! Just wanted to share it.

Fourteen years ago, I was also in the same place, but I was not smiling like this. The Spanish Steps is a very popular place, especially to tourists and Europe ’s Rich and Famous, because this is where all the designer shops are located.

Fourteen years ago, I was also invited to hold a comedy concert for the Filipinos in Rome through a group of BatangeƱo producers. Pagkatapos ng concert ko, sumama ang sosyalita kong kaibigan na si Cutie del Mar sa akin para mag-bakpak at libutin ang buong Italya.

Palibhasa, hindi ako sanay na isang bakpak lang ang dadalhin ko para sa isang linggong paglilibot. ‘Di ko yata kayang magsuot ng parehong Tshirt sa loob ng tatlong araw. YUCK! Ang baho na nun ng over! Kaya dinala ko ang isang Louis Vuitton na hand carry. Pero, ito ay isang Louis Vuitton na peke, japeyks, class triple-A, galing Greenhills. Alam ko na mali ang bumili at gumamit ng peke pero sana maintindihan ninyo ako. Fourteen years ago, nag-uumpisa pa lang ang career ko. Kapiranggot lang ang kinikita ko at nagandahan lang ako dun sa maleta kaya binili ko. Wala pa akong malay sa brands noon. Kaya ganito na lang ang pagkukutya ng kaibigan ko sa akin.

Cutie: Oh my god! Is that a fake I see!

Giselle: Sorry, hindi ako anak ng Congressman tulad mo!

Cutie: Giselle, ano ka ba! Giselle Sanchez ka na! You can’t be seen with a fake! You already perform for the rich and famous not only in the Philippines but all over the world! When In Rome , do as the Romans do! Halika, punta tayo sa Louis Vuitton diyan sa Spanish Steps and buy yourself an original!

Ang bilis lumakad ng sosyalera, wala ako choice kundi sumunod kahit wala akong planong bumili.. Plano ko lang tumingin at bilhin yung usong model sa Greenhills uli. O.A. kaya ang presyo ng Louis Vuitton bags. The cheapest, smallest bag will cost you P25, 00. Regular bags range from P35,000-90,0000. And the big and real nice ones cost P125,000-P180,000. Sa pinakamurang bag, mapapakain ko na ang pamilya ko nang limang linggo. At sa pinakamahal na bag ay mapapa-aral ko na ang kapatid ko ng college! Ako pa naman ang breadwinner ng pamilya.. Why would I waste my money with such over priced bags? Eto na, pumasok na kami sa napakarangyang Louis Vuitton Shop. Siyempre, hindi ko naman maiwan yung peke kong maleta sa labas, so sama si japeyks sa loob. At pagkakita ng mahaderang manager sa bag ko, bigla akong nilapitan, inikutan at tinignan mula ulo hanggang paa.

LV manager: Excuse me, but what is your Nationality?

Giselle: I’m Fil…(hindi pa nga tapos)

LV manager: (whispering but loud enough for me and Cutie to hear) I knew it! You Filipina maids come in here to copy our designs. Get out of my store!

Giselle: Excuse me! I am not a maid! I am an actress and I came here in Italy to perform for these “maids” you were referring to. And don’t you ever call them that! They are called Overseas Filipino Workers. Do not look down on our OFWs because they have dignity in labor. Do you work on commission, what’s your most expensive here?

LV Manager: (Points to this type of a cabinet where the bags are displayed). This one! It cost ___ million lira. (Nakalimutan ko na yung value, basta million-million kasi lira yung currency. Basta halaga ng tatlong buhay ko.)

Giselle: Ganun! What’s your second most expensive?

LV Manager: (Points to a luggage na kapalit ang dalawang buhay ko)

Giselle: Forget it! You! (pointing to a cute salesman in the counter) I will not buy from you, Mr. Manager. I will buy from him so he can take the commission! I’ll buy this, that, this, that, and this! It’s too bad I’m not an overseas Filipino worker because they can buy more than what I can!

So what is the price of dignity? P500,000.00—maxed on my credit card; paid slowly for three years; with my mom screaming on my ears every now and then.

In fairness to these overpriced bags, they are very durable. I started using them fourteen years ago and I still use them up to now! People think I’m so classy using coordinated Louis Vuitton handbags, make-up kit, and shoe bags. Little do they know that Giselle became classy because of her being crassy. Moral of the story, kung di niyo kaya, huwag manggaya at baka mapahiya. I never realized that paying for your sins can be quite expensive! Di bale, basta mapagtanggol ang dangal ng minamahal kong Overseas Filipino Workers! Mabuhay kayo…kahit mamatay na ako sa utang!

(original post can be read here)

Friday, July 17, 2009

I thank you Eastwood...

I seldom (okay, very seldom) check my Yahoo email because... well, just prefer the Gmail interface. So, when I had extra time last night and checked my email there, I was pleasantly surprised that there was an email from a Megaworld representative getting in touch with me about my nasty experience at Eastwood last June 27 (read blog entry here). She sent last July 1 pa pala!

Ms. Karen was very nice and apologized and shared the actions they're taking. Let me share part of her email below:

"...Foremost, in behalf of the Eastwood City Commercial Division management, I would like to apologize for this untoward incident. I personally understand where you are coming from. Your post had been a blessing in disguise for us. With the valuable information you have written on your blog, we became aware of situations like these..."

And since I also know where she is coming from, I really do appreciate the gesture. I did work as a customer service representative in an airline before and you can turn a bad situation better with the right service recovery. I'm happy they're doing something about it. Nowadays, with the advent of internet, doesn't take much to spread word around - whether good or bad.

I feel better now and can go back to Eastwood without getting angry. But I promise I'll drive carefully na.

Again, to Ms. Karen and the rest of the team, thank you.

Oh, and I will still replace the cone. Quid pro quo...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hannah Montana Hangover

Last Saturday, I went out with my friend and my goddaughter to watch the Hannah Montana Movie. My guilty pleasure is watching tweener movies like this and High School Musical. I even know most of the lyrics... and I don't have a daughter or son at that age who would go crazy with these movies. Well, there's this song I'm sooooo dying to learn the dance steps to.

Sort of like a tribute to Miley's dad's Achy Breaky Heart and L.A. Walk dance steps. She is after all, Billy Rey Cyrus' daughter.

So, here it goes again... altogether let's dance the Hoedown Showdown...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Phone of the Moment: Nokia N97

If I had P34k I would get this phone... the new Nokia N97.

Man, what a beauty! And look at the specs...

- touchscreen but front slides out in a convenient angle to use the QWERTY keypad instead. It also has a handwriting recognition
- has an internal 32gb memory and slot for microSD for more storage
- camera is 5 megapixels with flash
- uses a Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5
- has WLAN and internet functions

Nokia N97 was released in the market just last month. Nice, sleek phone... that is, if I had P34k to throw away...

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Viktor / Viktorino

I miss my Viktor jeans. I had three pairs. After I gave birth I found out that I can't use them anymore. Ever. So sad... I brought them back to check if there was a way to repair them because my hips got bigger and my thighs are bigger too.

So sad. I'm still saving up for a new pair.

So, anyway, I was checking Viktor's site when I saw his newest line... it's actually several months old but still news to me nonetheless...

Viktorino is the little Viktor! For kids ages 10 and below. Wow! I'm excited! I want one for my little Magnus!

look at these shots!!! I really want one... or maybe two or three for my little boy!!!
I asked my mom if she was using all of her Viktors or if I could get one repaired for me. but she's one helluva Viktor fan too and won't let go of any.

Viktor stores are at Greenbelt 5, Trinoma and Podium.

(photos courtesy of

Samsung Star

Presenting the Samsung Star...

I don't know why I suddenly find this phone yummy...

I don't like touch screens coz I'm a clumsy gal who usually drops my phone on a regular basis and bigger screen means a lot more surface to break. I also don't like phones I have a hard time using while driving. I know... I know... shouldn't be driving and texting at the same time but it can't be helped. I'm also a Sony Ericsson fan even though everybody else was using Nokia.

But truly, I saw this in person and I love it! I find it easy to use and it's quite affordable too at P10k (that's what my sources say)! It has a sleek design and easy to use interface. It can also convert its keypad to QWERTY or the regular phone keypad style. With a 3.2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, it's great for emergency shoots. Check other features here.

My favorite feature... FAKE CALL! Hahaha! Yeah, for times you need to fake a call, the phone simulates a real call! Kudos to the one who thought about this!

It comes in three colors: black, white and old rose.

I have to think about this... grrr!

Monday, July 06, 2009

UAAP Babies

While I'm still in a very UAAP mode, here's another site for moms and dads who would like to share their school spirit with their kids... The Urban Baby carries UAAP outfits for babies and tots.

they have shirts...


and rompers...

They only carry lines from the three universities. I already bought a Future Atenista onesie and shirt (for when he outgrows his onesie) and a Future Aktibista onesie as an homage to his lolo and lola who graduated from there. Here's our little imp wearing his oufits...

his Daddy loves that I got this for his little basketball star

Lolo and Lola thinks this is the coolest!

Visit The Urban Baby's site here and check out their other designs. The UAAP series is on sale until July 20th.

Dress up in Jersey Dress

Next Saturday, July 11, 2009, marks the beginning of another year of college basketball at its best. Yeah man! And this time I just might get to watch a few games live. I was limited to t.v. viewing last season coz I was carrying our very own future UAAP player... hahaha!

Of course, when watching the game, we have to make sure we represent our school well. Last season, I saw several kolehiyalas in a stylish jersey dress. I finally found who makes them! Jersey dress by none other than... Jersey Dress. Going to a game wearing the generic school shirt isn't enough anymore... gotta be fashionable too!

The Jersey Dress is made of the same material as the basketball jersey. Only cut sexier. Find your school's jersey dress and go in style!

Shout "One Big Fight"! You can even put your favorite player's number and name! Guess who's #17 last season??? I guess, I'll be ordering this one!

Of course, here's from our beloved foes... DLSU Archers... I love their shade of green last season... more alive... (my husband will not like that! hahaha!).

They also have an off-shoulder style.

Other customizations are possible for an extra fee. They also carry styles for NCAA teams. So, fellow UAAP fanatics, you can check out Jersey Dress' Multiply site here.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Oh, Maria!

Hay naku! Enough of the Eastwood drama! Lemme post something fun and positive now.

I saw this month's issue of Preview in look who's on the cover?! One of my favorite local actresses, it's Maricel Soriano! I'm so excited to get my copy! I didn't enjoy last month's issue coz it was Marian Rivera. Not a fan! Her feature also lacked substance.

Kalowka the pose noh?! She looks so much younger here.

My friends and I watched her last movie, T2. I still think Feng Shui (starring Kris Aquino) was better. It started well then it suddenly turned into a fantaserye... was a bit disappointed about that. But still love Maria! I love her katarayan!

Well, anyway, hope my copy arrives tomorrow... I wonder if they deliver on weekends...


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