Friday, July 03, 2009

Oh, Maria!

Hay naku! Enough of the Eastwood drama! Lemme post something fun and positive now.

I saw this month's issue of Preview in look who's on the cover?! One of my favorite local actresses, it's Maricel Soriano! I'm so excited to get my copy! I didn't enjoy last month's issue coz it was Marian Rivera. Not a fan! Her feature also lacked substance.

Kalowka the pose noh?! She looks so much younger here.

My friends and I watched her last movie, T2. I still think Feng Shui (starring Kris Aquino) was better. It started well then it suddenly turned into a fantaserye... was a bit disappointed about that. But still love Maria! I love her katarayan!

Well, anyway, hope my copy arrives tomorrow... I wonder if they deliver on weekends...

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