Thursday, July 23, 2009


I feel like a rebel in the corporate world because I hate wearing corporate clothes. Our company is very strict when it comes to the proper office attire. I feel like I want to break out and scream! So for me, weekend are Havaianas, and Grendha time, showing off my pedicure and letting my toes free. But I also love wearing sneakers. It's so college... such a no-brainer putting together an outfit.

Aside from Converse, I'd love to collect Superga sneakers! It's an Italian brand that began in 1913. Since then their classic design, Superga Torino have evolved to more fashionable styles.

The country shaped like a boot would know everything about shoes right?!

distressed looking Superga Bologna

their first style, Superga Torino

I'd wear this with minis and tights, Superga Rimini (also comes in gold)

Of course, if I'm maporma, my baby boy should be too! I'm excited to dress him up in cool pogi clothes when he grows bigger. I've started already with lots of Gingersnaps outfits. Wouldn't it look great with these on his tiny feet?!

Superga Stadio

Superga Torino for kids

Adorable right?! Sigh! Wish I could wear sandals and sneakers to work again...

(Superga store at Greenbelt 5 and available in Rustan's)


desiree concepcion said...

hi. would you know how much a pair of superga classic costs at rustan's and greenbelt? price range? thanks. i totally feel ur angst about corporate attire. uggh!

Blairbitch said...

hi desiree! a classic superga averages P2500 i think or close to that price.

i was lucky i got my pair during their sale. it was only P1500.

desiree concepcion said...

thanks :) sorry wasn't able to check back sooner. anyhoo, i'm now a happy owner of two pairs, one in radiant yellow...linen, and another silver gray with some paint them on sale too :) i wear them, like, everyday!

Blairbitch said...

it's addicting! i'm waiting for the next sale!

Anonymous said...

I have a white superga sneaker from my cousin who came from italy. I seldom used it because my freinds are laughing at the name. It never crosses my mind that superga sneakers were brands of sossy people....

Eigred Rodrin


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