Friday, July 17, 2009

I thank you Eastwood...

I seldom (okay, very seldom) check my Yahoo email because... well, just prefer the Gmail interface. So, when I had extra time last night and checked my email there, I was pleasantly surprised that there was an email from a Megaworld representative getting in touch with me about my nasty experience at Eastwood last June 27 (read blog entry here). She sent last July 1 pa pala!

Ms. Karen was very nice and apologized and shared the actions they're taking. Let me share part of her email below:

"...Foremost, in behalf of the Eastwood City Commercial Division management, I would like to apologize for this untoward incident. I personally understand where you are coming from. Your post had been a blessing in disguise for us. With the valuable information you have written on your blog, we became aware of situations like these..."

And since I also know where she is coming from, I really do appreciate the gesture. I did work as a customer service representative in an airline before and you can turn a bad situation better with the right service recovery. I'm happy they're doing something about it. Nowadays, with the advent of internet, doesn't take much to spread word around - whether good or bad.

I feel better now and can go back to Eastwood without getting angry. But I promise I'll drive carefully na.

Again, to Ms. Karen and the rest of the team, thank you.

Oh, and I will still replace the cone. Quid pro quo...


Tensai said...

Hey Conci,
Just read about your Eastwood incident. I know you can handle anything, but it was a good thing that you had backup like Tini and (surprisingly) the police.

Anonymous said...

Hi Conci! Thank you for such nice words. Hope to see more of you in Eastwood City! Have a nice week ahead! ;)



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