Thursday, July 09, 2009

Viktor / Viktorino

I miss my Viktor jeans. I had three pairs. After I gave birth I found out that I can't use them anymore. Ever. So sad... I brought them back to check if there was a way to repair them because my hips got bigger and my thighs are bigger too.

So sad. I'm still saving up for a new pair.

So, anyway, I was checking Viktor's site when I saw his newest line... it's actually several months old but still news to me nonetheless...

Viktorino is the little Viktor! For kids ages 10 and below. Wow! I'm excited! I want one for my little Magnus!

look at these shots!!! I really want one... or maybe two or three for my little boy!!!
I asked my mom if she was using all of her Viktors or if I could get one repaired for me. but she's one helluva Viktor fan too and won't let go of any.

Viktor stores are at Greenbelt 5, Trinoma and Podium.

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