Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What's krispy and kreme-y???

On November 30, 2006 at exactly 8:30a.m. my life will change forever.

Gone are the days when I had to handcarry 8 boxes of Krispy Kreme home from the US.

I can now binge on those sweet, soft, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts without traveling to another continent! Original Glazed of course. That's the only thing I eat there (like Pastillas is the only thing I eat in Gonuts Donuts).

The first store will open at High Street (behind Serendra) at Bonifacio City. The first customer to ring their bell at exactly 8:30a.m. will get a free one year supply of Original Glazed Doughnuts.

Just imagine...

NOTE: I'm not getting paid for plugging Krispy Kreme. I'm just a devoted customer!

Monday, November 27, 2006


Mom's home! And look what she got her favorite daughter! It's great when your mother's fashion sense is not too far from yours. I'm not worried about what she'll bring home to me coz most of the time I love it.

Ohhh la la! New shoes...new bags... and make up! I introduced my mom to the wonders of Mineral Make Up and she got us both a set. She's still kinda clueless how to use it but there's an instructional dvd with her set. I hope she watches it.

My brother is coming home on friday. I know he has more stuff for me. My cousin got me three other pairs of shoes. That's what I call happy feet!

I'm connected!

I haven't been able to use the internet connection here in the office for awhile now. I never had an internet connection anyway. Evil me used someone else's password. And now the IT knows and has curbed my usage... and everybody else's use of the password as well.

But I saw the ad of Smart using the cellphone as modem to connect to the internet. And I tried it today and I'm online again. But for sure it's going to put a dent on my pocket. It's about P10 per minute I think.

Nonetheless... it's a price to pay to ease my boredom here at work. I'm downloading YM too!

I'm not a techie but I do love technology!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

All Made Up

Willa, one of my best buds and my shopping buddy, and I went to Market Market and moved on to Glorietta today to canvas fabrics for our friend's wedding. That was our primary goal. But I brought my Rustan's gift certificate nonetheless... for emergency purposes.

We did attempt to look at clothes but surprisingly we spent our moolah on make ups!

Willa wanted a new face powder. She didn't like the tone of her current face powder. She has yellow undertones and her skin and face doesn't match. She needed something to even out her skin color. We went to ESSENCES and found T. LeClerc! I've been familiar with the brand for sometime, my mom uses several of their products. But I never checked it out because I know if my mom uses it it's probably expensive! I was pleasantly surprised that their products wasn't overly so pricey. I think I can afford some of them.

She got the Compact Pressed Powder in Banane. She also got the Professional Concealer. The attendant in Essences was so helpful to us she even taught us the proper way of using the powder and the concealer!

Willa forced... nay cajoled!... me to buy SugarBaby cosmetics in a set. I happily agreed and got more than a set. It's actually an Australian brand.

I got the Pot of Gloss Lip Shine in Havock, Kiss'n Tell Lipstick in Snagging and Ice Princess Eye Line & Shine in Pretty Princess. It came with the make up bag. The shirt I got for free. I was done already when the attendant showed me Bomb Shell Satin Body Souffle. Sort of lotion that adds glow (note: not shimmer) on the skin. What the heck! I threw that in my shopping bag too.

Essences reminded me of Sephora. Every visit in New York is not complete without visiting Sephora (and Tiffany & Co. of course...). It's the home of a few of my favorite brands like Benefit, DuWop (love their Lip Venom), Shu Uemura and Tarte. I haven't found a store that carries Benefit and Tarte so I have to ask relatives visiting US to bring me home my orders.

I now realize how extremely kikay I am! This is horrible! But I love it!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


... Is my brother watching the Pacquiao-Morales fight in Las Vegas. Even sweeter is watching ringside.

Another sweetness? Seeing the whole gang of the Entourage during the fight... in seats less prestigious as his. I love you Adrian Grenier!!! Hehehe!

More sweetness is celebrating after at the Bellagio Hotel.

Awesome travel stories from my bro in his Las Vegas Adventure in his blog with pics. More pics when he gets back.

My sweetness? Why getting my pasalubong of course!

What can I say... we're spoiled brats!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Don't you just wish we had winter here in the Philippines? I'd love to walk around the city bundled up in my trench coat and knee high boots.

If we had snow I wanna be covered in these...

Lace double-breasted trench from Burberry

Collarless bow coat from Topshop

Mohair frock coat from Alexander McQueen

... And walk in maybe these...

Multi-strap leather boots from Marc Jacobs

Antique effect boots from Anna Sui


Thursday, November 16, 2006


My mom, being an AmEx Platinum cardholer was invited to the launch of the 2006-2007 Fall/Winter Collection of one of my fave brands, Bottega Veneta. But since she's working in Las Vegas (and watching the Pacquiao-Morales fight with ringside tickets too!) I went instead.

A couple of months ago I already saw the collection in the internet and I loved it! Specially the evening gowns. Here in the Philippines however, they don't carry the clothing line as it is too expensive.

I have yet to own a Bottega Veneta bag despite being one of my favorites. I just couldn't bring myself to spend half a years salary for a bag! Further translation: I could already feed about 200-250 people in my wedding with just one bag!

But alas! I'm a dreamer and I know I'll have the courage to splurge THAT much.

The whole collection was only accessories: bags, shoes, wallets, key chains and planners.

The leather they used vary from lamb, deer, goat and even sea snake. Here are some of my favorites...

Purple clutch for evening

The purple and green combination

It's the shape that got me!

Obviously it's the buckle... this one is made of sea snake skin!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


No, I wasn't taking a dump.

I was getting my very first tattoo. Finally.

The design, a Triquetra, popularized in the series Charmed, was what I've always wanted tattooed on my lower back since I got my belly pierced. Gene Tesda, who did my piercing is also a tattoo artist. I told him I'll get a tattoo soon. It took me four years. But I've been committed to the design ever since.

I was with my brother, who extended the design of his first tattoo. He was with his friend and I was with Tini. They were our pep squad. Our artist was D-Jay from Greenhills. It just took me about 45 minutes.

It was helluva painful! Crazy painful! But I love it!

A week later, it's just helluva itchy!

Just ignore my tummy... check out the pics.


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