Thursday, November 16, 2006


My mom, being an AmEx Platinum cardholer was invited to the launch of the 2006-2007 Fall/Winter Collection of one of my fave brands, Bottega Veneta. But since she's working in Las Vegas (and watching the Pacquiao-Morales fight with ringside tickets too!) I went instead.

A couple of months ago I already saw the collection in the internet and I loved it! Specially the evening gowns. Here in the Philippines however, they don't carry the clothing line as it is too expensive.

I have yet to own a Bottega Veneta bag despite being one of my favorites. I just couldn't bring myself to spend half a years salary for a bag! Further translation: I could already feed about 200-250 people in my wedding with just one bag!

But alas! I'm a dreamer and I know I'll have the courage to splurge THAT much.

The whole collection was only accessories: bags, shoes, wallets, key chains and planners.

The leather they used vary from lamb, deer, goat and even sea snake. Here are some of my favorites...

Purple clutch for evening

The purple and green combination

It's the shape that got me!

Obviously it's the buckle... this one is made of sea snake skin!

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