Saturday, November 25, 2006

All Made Up

Willa, one of my best buds and my shopping buddy, and I went to Market Market and moved on to Glorietta today to canvas fabrics for our friend's wedding. That was our primary goal. But I brought my Rustan's gift certificate nonetheless... for emergency purposes.

We did attempt to look at clothes but surprisingly we spent our moolah on make ups!

Willa wanted a new face powder. She didn't like the tone of her current face powder. She has yellow undertones and her skin and face doesn't match. She needed something to even out her skin color. We went to ESSENCES and found T. LeClerc! I've been familiar with the brand for sometime, my mom uses several of their products. But I never checked it out because I know if my mom uses it it's probably expensive! I was pleasantly surprised that their products wasn't overly so pricey. I think I can afford some of them.

She got the Compact Pressed Powder in Banane. She also got the Professional Concealer. The attendant in Essences was so helpful to us she even taught us the proper way of using the powder and the concealer!

Willa forced... nay cajoled!... me to buy SugarBaby cosmetics in a set. I happily agreed and got more than a set. It's actually an Australian brand.

I got the Pot of Gloss Lip Shine in Havock, Kiss'n Tell Lipstick in Snagging and Ice Princess Eye Line & Shine in Pretty Princess. It came with the make up bag. The shirt I got for free. I was done already when the attendant showed me Bomb Shell Satin Body Souffle. Sort of lotion that adds glow (note: not shimmer) on the skin. What the heck! I threw that in my shopping bag too.

Essences reminded me of Sephora. Every visit in New York is not complete without visiting Sephora (and Tiffany & Co. of course...). It's the home of a few of my favorite brands like Benefit, DuWop (love their Lip Venom), Shu Uemura and Tarte. I haven't found a store that carries Benefit and Tarte so I have to ask relatives visiting US to bring me home my orders.

I now realize how extremely kikay I am! This is horrible! But I love it!


jillsabs said...

hi conci :)

now that you've finally admitted your kikayness, how would you like to write for kikay exchange? :)

please say yes :)

Blairbitch said...

Talaga?! Sure why not! Thanks!


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