Saturday, November 11, 2006


No, I wasn't taking a dump.

I was getting my very first tattoo. Finally.

The design, a Triquetra, popularized in the series Charmed, was what I've always wanted tattooed on my lower back since I got my belly pierced. Gene Tesda, who did my piercing is also a tattoo artist. I told him I'll get a tattoo soon. It took me four years. But I've been committed to the design ever since.

I was with my brother, who extended the design of his first tattoo. He was with his friend and I was with Tini. They were our pep squad. Our artist was D-Jay from Greenhills. It just took me about 45 minutes.

It was helluva painful! Crazy painful! But I love it!

A week later, it's just helluva itchy!

Just ignore my tummy... check out the pics.

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