Monday, March 26, 2007

Gotta have my Havies fix!


It was supposed to be nine but our Doberman decided to nibble on my white ones.

Eight Havaianas. Crazy!

Sinful! I confess. I'm a Havies junky! I should be put in an asylum and my wallet hidden forever. But I couldn't resist the temptation of creating my own Havaianas.

Make your own Havaianas! What a come-on! At Powerplant Mall, Havies junkies like me lined up for hours to be one of the hundreds to own customized Havaianas.

Displayed on walls were the the soles and hanging in front were the straps in a variety of colors. The idea is to mix and match the sole and straps. There were also studs like the Philippine and Brazilian flags, skull, star, palm tree, slipper and flower for embellishment. For those who love blings, there were swarovski crystals in pink, white and blue.

I only found out this afternoon that today was the last day of the event. It started last Mach 23, Friday. And to think I vegged out at home the whole weekend! I could've been there earlier! They ran out of sizes in some colors and the only studs left were the flags and palm tree. But I still persevered and got two pairs. I felt guilty after so I bought a pair for my brother. I was suppose to get my fiance one too but they don't have his size.

I did have second thoughts... but only for a minute... because I thought it would be expensive. The sandals itself was P795 and each stud or crystal is P50.

An hour wasn't enough to design everything! I wanted my personality to come out in my design. I tried my best with the limited time and materials.

For those who missed it, patience is a virtue. There will be another one next year and they said it will be bigger and better!

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Have $45,000???

How far would you go to get the ultimate bag? How much are you willing to spend? How about $45,000?

Louis Vuitton recently launched their most expensive bag, and the most expensive in the world so far, the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag. And the only bag (they think!) will never be copied. This bag is a patchwork of 15 various Louis Vuittons and only about 24 pieces will be sold. Now how's that for exclusivity?!

Personally though, I think it's way fugly! It's like somebody swallowed several LVs and spit it out.

$45,000?! The bottom one, a smaller version retails for $38,000. I could buy a house with that money! What were they thinking?

And why would anybody want to copy this one?!

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Friday, March 23, 2007

I can't believe it's PLASTIC!

Maybe plastic is not such a bad thing if they come in these yummy colors and funky designs. Welcome to the world of MELISSA.

From what I gathered, Melissa was born in Brazil. It was the original jelly shoes. Fans of this brand say its comfy and light weight, not to mention fashionable too! With its unique shapes and designs.

Famous designers that have collaborated with this brand were Jean Paul Gaultier, Patrick Cox, Stephanie Kelian, Thierry Mugler and J Maskrey. Nowadays, Karim Rashid and Edson Matsuo are the behind the current season.

Esmeralda in black stars

Dreams in red

Backstage s3t Girls in grey and white

KR heel in purple

I know, it's kinda daunting to wear plastic the whole day, but for those of you fashion forward fashionistas (pardon my alliteration...) I'm sure you'd be willing enough to at least try a pair. Yes, we can actually get these shoes here in the Philippines! You can order at Just be patient because they have to source it from Australia.

I haven't bought a pair yet but I'm planning to. I remember a couple of years ago I found this jelly sandals in a tiangge in Greenbelt. It was only P500 so I grabbed it and became my favorite pangharabas shoes. It's still alive today and still as comfy as ever! I'm hoping my future Melissa will be as loyal as my other shoe was!

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

100% for 300!

Last Tuesday night Tini, Dino, Elaine and I got to watch the premiere of 300, the movie version of Frank Miller's (creator of Sin City) graphic novel about the story of 300 Spartans, led by their king, Leonidas fighting a million Persians. I was a bit apprehensive watching a dude-flick, with all the gore and violence. But dang! I truly did enjoy myself watching this one!

Aside from the hunky men going to battle in just their trunks and capes, I loved the whole feel of the movie. It was truly amazing. My brother said the director made sure that watching every scene is like looking at a painting. The battle scenes where awesome! The Spartans moved with methodical grace with every kill. And another great thing is the casts were not big name stars which helped focus on the movie itself and not the actors playing the roles. King Leonidas was played by Gerard Butler, whose biggest movie to date was his role in the first Tomb Raider. The Queen Gorgo was played by Lena Headey who will be taking on the role of Sarah Connor in the t.v. series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which continues the life of the leading lady from the Terminator movie. King Xerxes, ruler of the Persian Empire was played by Rodrigo Santoro who played the officemate and love interest of Laura Linney in Love Actually. The most notable face there for us was David Wenham who played Faromir in the Lord of the Rings.

My brother also said the dialogue was almost 100% lifted from the graphic novel which makes it fairly accurate compared to other book-to-movie films. I have yet to see the novel but my brother has a copy and I will definitely check it out soon.

I say two thumbs up for this film! Nationwide release was last Wednesday and I suggest you go grab a friend and a popcorn and enjoy the show!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's a nationwide concern... of course...

I always buy newspaper everyday and I was surprised to see that for the past two days the Kris-James-Hope brouhaha has been making the front page! Today's Philstar features the crash of the stock market as its head line and just below it is an update on the much talked about sexual liason of James and Hope.

C'mon, admit it... you've been watching all those talk shows just to see what's new! I admit I did catch the news Monday night and watched the recap of the Korina interview on Kris and James. Last night I also watched Ricky Lo's interview of Vicky Belo. His past two articles have also been about the trio.

Crazy! That's all I can say. Suddenly the election battle between the administration and the opposition has been upstaged! I bet ask anyone what's happening with the campaign of the opposing camps and they'd probably say "Duh?! "

James is probably thinking he's not the only guy who cheated on his wife... why all the fuss?! Not every guy is married to Kris Aquino dude!


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