Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's a nationwide concern... of course...

I always buy newspaper everyday and I was surprised to see that for the past two days the Kris-James-Hope brouhaha has been making the front page! Today's Philstar features the crash of the stock market as its head line and just below it is an update on the much talked about sexual liason of James and Hope.

C'mon, admit it... you've been watching all those talk shows just to see what's new! I admit I did catch the news Monday night and watched the recap of the Korina interview on Kris and James. Last night I also watched Ricky Lo's interview of Vicky Belo. His past two articles have also been about the trio.

Crazy! That's all I can say. Suddenly the election battle between the administration and the opposition has been upstaged! I bet ask anyone what's happening with the campaign of the opposing camps and they'd probably say "Duh?! "

James is probably thinking he's not the only guy who cheated on his wife... why all the fuss?! Not every guy is married to Kris Aquino dude!

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