Monday, March 26, 2007

Gotta have my Havies fix!


It was supposed to be nine but our Doberman decided to nibble on my white ones.

Eight Havaianas. Crazy!

Sinful! I confess. I'm a Havies junky! I should be put in an asylum and my wallet hidden forever. But I couldn't resist the temptation of creating my own Havaianas.

Make your own Havaianas! What a come-on! At Powerplant Mall, Havies junkies like me lined up for hours to be one of the hundreds to own customized Havaianas.

Displayed on walls were the the soles and hanging in front were the straps in a variety of colors. The idea is to mix and match the sole and straps. There were also studs like the Philippine and Brazilian flags, skull, star, palm tree, slipper and flower for embellishment. For those who love blings, there were swarovski crystals in pink, white and blue.

I only found out this afternoon that today was the last day of the event. It started last Mach 23, Friday. And to think I vegged out at home the whole weekend! I could've been there earlier! They ran out of sizes in some colors and the only studs left were the flags and palm tree. But I still persevered and got two pairs. I felt guilty after so I bought a pair for my brother. I was suppose to get my fiance one too but they don't have his size.

I did have second thoughts... but only for a minute... because I thought it would be expensive. The sandals itself was P795 and each stud or crystal is P50.

An hour wasn't enough to design everything! I wanted my personality to come out in my design. I tried my best with the limited time and materials.

For those who missed it, patience is a virtue. There will be another one next year and they said it will be bigger and better!

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