Thursday, June 23, 2005

Can you spell Mississauga?!

I haven't been updating my blog that much because for one... I'm on vacation and the lack of equipment makes it difficult to show people the places I've been to. Second, I haven't really been going around that much yet. Fridays are spent watching the last full show. So far I've seen Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Batman Begins. Lined up for the next fridays are Bewitched, War of the Worlds, Dark Waters, and of course... Fantastic Four. Other places I've been is downtown Toronto when I met up with some old friends and a small town called Collingwood. It's Ontario's version of the Alps during winter. There's plans to go to Wonderland, Canada's version of Disneyland.

During weekdays, since most of the people here go to work, I'm pretty much a domesticated-couch-potato. I help cook lunch and clean the dishes. Imagine me... doing household work! Coolness huh?!! Nice thing about Canada is it's pretty much clean. Means dust doesn't accumulate as fast as it does in Manila. My Aunt comes home at around 530pm, which is when my Uncle goes to work. I'd usually sit on the coach with her watching either a baseball game (she loves the Blue Jays!) or series of game shows starting with Wheel of Fortune, then Jeopardy.

Daylight is longer here... doesn't start to get dark till near 9pm so I'd often walk around the village. My way of exercising. I also try to do yoga. I feel like I've gained weight so much!

So far, my vacation has been wonderfully relaxing. But still jobless when I get home though. Oh well... I'll think about that when I get home.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

EDSA 1...2...3...4...

Although I'm miles away from home I keep in touch with what's happening in the Philippines. Wherever I visit there's TFC anyway (The Filipino Channel). Apparently there's another revolution brewing. Or at least attempts of one. More names and more scandals were unearthed because of the jueteng issue. Our presidents just keeps on getting worse in hiding their dirty secrets.

Will we ever have a president who will finish his/her term without a threat of revolution hovering in the air?! I guess not.

Frankly, it gets boring already. The first one was a real achievement for us Filipinos. The second one reinforces the power of the people. But a third... fourth... fifth... is just plain drama!

Who's fault? The government for being so selfish and corrupt?! The people for voting for stupid people? Or maybe for not voting at all? Or maybe for thinking another people power in Edsa will solve all our problems.

I guess it's the never ending issues like these that makes other people apathetic of the plight of the Philippines and its people.

I hate politics.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

KING of POP cleared!!!

A few hours ago, I watched as Michael Jackson was cleared of all charges of molestation. There were ten counts and he was cleared in every one of them. TEN!!! I would've thought there would've been at least one charge that would get him into jail. None! Not even probation for a misdemeanor charge.

There were many people with banners and posters showing their support to Michael Jackson outside the court yard. There were tears and hugs when the verdict came out. The jury had fourteen weeks of trial and it took them a week to deliberate on the verdict. And yet they unanimously cleared him. There were many white people, couple of Latinos, no African-American.

I'm amazed.

The King is free.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


I've been in Canada for four days already. The last time I was here was about 16 years ago. I barely remember the places we visited. Of course I couldn't forget Niagara Falls... but other than that, I don't remember much. Although I recall my brother dialing 911 when he saw the numbers written down beside the phone. Then we got a call back from them asking if we were okay.

I haven't seen much of Canada yet, just a little of Mississauga where I live with family friends. And a little of downtown Toronto. I'm taking my time going around since I'll be staying for quite sometime here anyway.

From the fast paced lives of my relatives in America, I find Canada relaxing and quite slow. It's a nice change. And I like the weather right now. It can get hot but not as hot as back home... aaahhh... home... it feels like a million miles away. Hmmm... getting a little bit homesick already.

A wedding, a camping trip, a long drive to Montreal, a visit to a Filipino bar, and Canada Day celebration are just a few things planned in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Oh Granny!

Grandmothers can be adorably crazy! I spent the last two days with my mom's mom and other grandaunts. It drove me crazy whenever they try to feed me... like I never got fed when I was in the Philippines. No matter how many times I tell them I'm full, they still insist on feeding me. So, just to shut them up I'd try to eat. But it doesn't stop there! They would then insist I try everything on the table! After that, they try to make me take a nap. They insist I have jetlag even if it's been three days since I arrived! Crazy!

But of course, I love them. My grandmother loves to shop... for me!!! Even though she prefers discount stores, she brought me to Macy's and told me to get a pair of pants and blouse... which I did, of course!

It's natural for a grandma to dote on her apos. I have a special bond with her, being her first grandchild. I'm also the luckiest one since I got to spend more time with her before she migrated her. I'm also named after her... well, at least half of it.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Cold in San Francisco

Finally here in San Francisco. Arrived here last night around 7pm. Had big slab of ribs for dinner at Sizzler's after and spent the rest of the time in a high school party in school. Waited for one of my cousins... as usual... her friends think I was also just a high school student! Stroke my ego! Today we went to mass, my other cousin was the server. And then had lunch at Fuddruckers. Some sort of burger resto but with arcade inside. Reminds me of Friday's only more fun. Hmmm... the entrepreneur inside me of course wondered how much it costs to franchise it! The rest of the day was spent going around Daly City. Right now I'm waiting for dinner... Igado... an Ilocano dish! One of my faves actually.

The next few days I'll be visiting my relatives in the other side of San Francisco. My Grandma will pick me up. And being her first and most adorable grandchild... she will take me shopping!

Well... more travel stories in the next few days...

Saturday, June 04, 2005


I should've been in Cologne right now, waiting for my flight to Copenhagen. Instead, tonight, I will be flying to San Francisco. Well, I shouldn't really be complaining. At least I'm still traveling. Next week I have a flight to Toronto where I'll be staying for a month before moving on to St. Louis.

Although I won't be having the big adventure with Alisa in Europe, maybe I can find my own adventure wherever I'll go. After all, this won't just be a simple trip for me since I'm also hoping to find a job in Canada or US.

Alisa and I promised to each other that we will still travel together... we're hoping to visit Rahul in India.

I haven't started my trip and I'm already planning another one!

See you all in August!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Season Finale

The wonders of technology keeps me up to date with my favorite tv shows.

I just finished watching the season finale of The OC... death in the Cohen family... alcohol addiction... secrets revealed... and lastly, brothers trying to kill each other.

I also saw the season finale of CSI:Las Vegas... one of the agents will be buried alive. The others will try to solve the clues the killer left behind to find him.

Two months in Canada and US. I will be a certified couch potato for sure!


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