Monday, June 06, 2005

Cold in San Francisco

Finally here in San Francisco. Arrived here last night around 7pm. Had big slab of ribs for dinner at Sizzler's after and spent the rest of the time in a high school party in school. Waited for one of my cousins... as usual... her friends think I was also just a high school student! Stroke my ego! Today we went to mass, my other cousin was the server. And then had lunch at Fuddruckers. Some sort of burger resto but with arcade inside. Reminds me of Friday's only more fun. Hmmm... the entrepreneur inside me of course wondered how much it costs to franchise it! The rest of the day was spent going around Daly City. Right now I'm waiting for dinner... Igado... an Ilocano dish! One of my faves actually.

The next few days I'll be visiting my relatives in the other side of San Francisco. My Grandma will pick me up. And being her first and most adorable grandchild... she will take me shopping!

Well... more travel stories in the next few days...

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