Wednesday, June 15, 2005

EDSA 1...2...3...4...

Although I'm miles away from home I keep in touch with what's happening in the Philippines. Wherever I visit there's TFC anyway (The Filipino Channel). Apparently there's another revolution brewing. Or at least attempts of one. More names and more scandals were unearthed because of the jueteng issue. Our presidents just keeps on getting worse in hiding their dirty secrets.

Will we ever have a president who will finish his/her term without a threat of revolution hovering in the air?! I guess not.

Frankly, it gets boring already. The first one was a real achievement for us Filipinos. The second one reinforces the power of the people. But a third... fourth... fifth... is just plain drama!

Who's fault? The government for being so selfish and corrupt?! The people for voting for stupid people? Or maybe for not voting at all? Or maybe for thinking another people power in Edsa will solve all our problems.

I guess it's the never ending issues like these that makes other people apathetic of the plight of the Philippines and its people.

I hate politics.

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