Monday, September 04, 2006

Bedevil me anytime!

Why I'd let Miranda Priestly walk all over me...

1. I have access to the Runway "closet".
2. I get to attend fashion week in different parts of the world.
3. I can charge cabs and Starbucks to the company.
4. I get to meet great fashion icons.
5. I can stand being a slave for a year in exchange of a lifetime of opportunities.

I saw The Devil Wears Prada last friday with Tiniwini at the SM Mall of Asia. The few times I watched there I'd always imagine the whole building crumbling down without me knowing it because I'm trapped in the theatre. But this time, I forgot about my fears. The movie was a veritable fashion show! My whole being was focused on all the yummy outfits and accessories. My mind was actually turning, thinking about my outfit for the office on monday.

But seriously, I read the book and it's quite different from the movie. They changed a lot of things: Andy's boyfriend was suppose to be a school teacher; Andy's bestfriend was suppose to be a bartender on the side while finishing her MA; Emily didn't get hit by a car but got mono that's why she didn't get to go to the Paris Fashion Week... etc. (am I spoiling it for everybody?)

I don't know if I like the movie better than the book or vice versa. I think the book focused on Andy more while the movie focused on Miranda. It gave the story a whole new perspective. Maybe for those loyal to the book they should forget comparing it to the movie. You'll just be disappointed.

Well, I agree with my friend the Fashion Observer that we don't mind working for a biatch like Miranda as long as we get all the perks! I mean... feel free to force on my feet those Jimmy Choos!

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kong-chu said...

I don't consider myself a fashionista but I must admit, I wouldn't mind her job too!


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