Saturday, October 13, 2012

Swatch: Marilyn Monroe + MAC

Finally, the lipsticks arrived! I was very excited to see the collection in person. And now I have a bit of extra time to swatch all of them side by side.

From left to right: Pure Zen, Love Goddess, Scarlet Ibis, Charmed I'm Sure, Deeply Adored
Pure Zen is the nude shade of the bunch. It's very pale but has a bit of pinky-rose in it. It has a creme sheen formulation, which means it's staying power is not as long as the others.

Love Goddess has a satin finish and shade is quite bright red. More like cherry for me with a hint of pink.

Scarlet Ibis has a touch of orange and has a matte finish. Being matte, it's staying power is longer. I'm a bit worried about this shade on me. My skin tone doesn't really go well with orange-y shades. I have to match it with a natural shade of blush.

Charmed I'm Sure is a true red and also a matte finish. I love this shade! It's one of those reds that looks good on me. Although a bit bright still, it's red is darker than Love Goddess. I have MAC Russian Red and it has almost the same red-ness level. This is the old Hollywood red I know.

Deeply Adored is my lipstick of the moment. It is the red that is perfect for me. It's on the reddish wine side... more brown than Charmed I'm Sure. I love wearing it with just a touch of blush and black liner. It's also a matte finish.

My mom's friends who lined up for her in MAC said the collection was sold out in minutes. I am super lucky to have these because I know it's even harder to get the Marilyn Monroe collection when it hits the Philippine stores. 

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