Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Review: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation

I know it's been awhile since I last blogged. Super hectic at work and certain events kinda made me lose interest in blogging. But I'm determined to continue my blog despite whatever drama is out there...

My comeback post is on one of the newest Revlon products out there. I've seen many tweets  and vlogs/blogs reviews on this one. I'm waiting for local bloggers to share their experience on the product, but here's mine!

I saw on Revlon's site that there's sixteen (16) shades. With so many shades, there's bound to be one perfect for your skin tone. Although here in the Philippines there's about five to six shades out in the market and I find the best shade for me is Warm Golden. Probably if all shades were available, I'd find an even better match.

Consistency is creamy but not liquid-y like the Photoready foundation. I find the best tool to use is my hands. I've seen some that used Sigma brushes but I find it hard to manipulate with a brush. It feels too thick.

I use a spatula to scoop a bit of foundation to avoid contamination of the product. Yes, I'm a bit of an OC.

Immediately you'll see complete coverage and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin despite that its cream. No need to set it with powder. I've read lots of review saying it looks better after an hour or so after application. Probably by then the product has completely settled in the skin. The longer the better it looks, which I agree. 

It says on the cover "24hrs" and it really does stay long. Longer than Photoready, which I use most of the time. I also like that it doesn't come off that much after a bit of sweat... actually, had this on during a work out after work and it doesn't feel like it's melting on your face.

this is my face at 9pm... obvious ba haggardo versoza na?! without retouching just blotting
The bottle packaging makes it difficult to carry it around but maybe if you really want to carry a bit around, you can buy those small containers in Beabi or Watsons. Also when I took pictures, my face looks whiter on cam than in person even without flash. I'm wondering about this. Or maybe I really need a better shade.

All in all I love it. I do use foundation most of the time when I put on make up. I love the feel and effect. If you can purchase it abroad, it will come out cheaper. It's Php975 a bottle here but about $13-$17 in the US.

I'm looking forward to the reviews of my favorite local bloggers... Wondering what they'll say...

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