Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back to the 90's

While doing my usual blog-hopping I ran across this feature in Shoewawa on Dr. Marten’s. I know this will actually date my age but what the heck! While I was in high school, I was sooooo into the grunge look, like most teens during that time. I asked my mom to buy me pair of DM’s and even told her the more holes the better! Alas, she kept it simple and got me the one with 6-holes (the number of holes will determine the height of the boots). I’d wear it with shorts, Sunday dresses, and jeans!

Fast forward to 2008, look what they have displayed in their store! Colorful DM’s! Lovely! It definitely brings me back to my high school days!

They also have printed ones.

At my age I’m wondering how I can pull this off without looking like I’m trying too hard.

My fiancé said this was part of his wardrobe in college complete with long hair!

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