Sunday, December 02, 2007

Shoot me bebeh!

I'm not a gadget person but I've never yearned for a camera before like I do now. Sniff...

Me want a new camera. I think my Pentax needs a rest. I want a Canon Powershot camera. The model I want is not even very hi-tech. Just a simple point and shoot model good enough for a blogger like me. These are the two I've chosen...

7.1 megapixel
4x optical zoon
2 AA batteries
powered by 2 AA batteries

5 megapixel
4x optical zoom
powered by 2 AA batteries

These are the only ones within my budget. I like the A550 because of the grip and it also looks sturdier and rugged. Plus the added pixels too. But I like the simplicity of the A460. Okay, I like the colors too... I want one in red or blue. But because of the wedding I don't want to spend money on the cameras yet. Sigh! It would be lovely taking pics this holiday with any of these two.

Santa! *wish* *wish*!


patricia said...

It's better if you invest in 2 AA rechargeable batteries instead. It keeps you from purchasing new batteries when you use up its juice. There are different kinds of rechargeable batteries. I found that the "NoMem" or "no memory" type batteries are the best!

My 2 cents.

Blairbitch said...

i haven't heard of the 'NoMem" batts. i do have rechargeable AAs for my current cam. but thanks for the advice! i think i'll check out that "NoMem" batts.


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