Saturday, December 01, 2007

NON-Fashion Ramblings

Blah about the coup attempt. Nothing more to say than grrrr! Been to three weddings in Manila Pen and it's a shame they destroyed it.

Anyway... it's December 1 right now, which is 30 days from my wedding, which means I'm officially stressing out! This is why I don't diet. The stress alone is enough to make me lose weight. Seriously. Tried and tested. Just hope I don't lose too much weight or else my gown will fall off. And THAT is not a pretty site. So, we lost our weekends to errands and stuff already and even after work hours. Sigh! Struggle for someone who loves to sleep. But really excited coz I'm counting down the days til our house becomes a complete bedlam with relatives arriving from all over the world.

The other night my mom was throwing questions, asking checklist and who should do what... waaaahhh! I just scribbled everything in my wedding notebook. Deal with it later... like tonight...

Tini had his measurements taken yesterday. He's wearing a tuxedo. We were betting on his waistline. Hah! I won! Won't mention it anymore, he might back out from the wedding. Hehe.


Oh, oh! Other than getting married and having house renovated, another big change might be coming soon. I'm sort of excited about it but worried as well. Nope, not preggers! Haha! I'll know all the details by Tuesday. Wish me luck!

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cd said...

Good luck! Tell us all about it!


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