Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dumbledore is OUT!

For those Harry Potter fanatics, you have heard about the speculations going around the Potter fansites that Prof. Dumbledore was gay.

Finally, J.K. Rowling puts all the rumors to rest by outing Prof. Dumbledore. She admits that he is actually gay! During her stop at Carnegie Hall in NY for her book tour, she was asked who was the headmaster's true love. She answered, "Dumbledore is gay".

She explained that he had a thing for Gellert Grindelwald, remember his rival wizard in the 7th book? She also goes on saying that "Dumbledore's love was his great tragedy"

I don't know if Dumbledor would appreciated being outed by his creator but I have no qualms accepting his sexuality. Teehee...

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