Sunday, October 28, 2007

Me want my room back!!!

I moved into the ground floor guest room because my bedroom will be renovated to accommodate the newlyweds (us! us!) by end of December. I'm just halfway done moving my stuff but our maids put my bedsheets on the other room already I didn't have a choice but to sleep there last night.

Waaah! It was horrible!

First of all, the cable in that room is Destiny. I miss my Lifestyle channel! And it's still kinda musty. It's not regulary used, hence the smell. Then our household pests (Ratatouille!!!) were extra noisy. They were in the ceiling outside the room but I could still hear them. I'm also a scardy-cat... I hate being alone downstairs.

Sigh! The sacrifices I have to endure! Just two months! Two months of this then I'm back in my own room... with my hubby beside me. Hehehe! Sigh!

I'm stressed out. I need a massage.


gabriel said...

Hi Conchita, Gabriel here from K.E.. Just wanted to say you wrote a terrific article today. Thanks for that ;)

And btw congrats to the both of you. Hope you enjoy your new room. Show us pics when it's done. Thanks again.

Blairbitch said...

thanks gabriel!

i do plan to take pics once in awhile to show the transformation.

i'm so excited!


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