Monday, October 08, 2007

101 Things to buy before you die...

Finally! My book is here. I got a text last weekend from Bibliarch in Glorietta asking if I was still interested buying the book. But of course! I told them I'd get it today so during lunch I drove to Makati just to get the book. I couldn't wait for 5pm! And I wanted to go home early so I could read the book.

It's a nice read but maybe 80% of the stuff there I probably would die trying to buy. Nonetheless, I had fun going through it.

Oh, and some side news... I gave in. Again. Bought the Havies with metallic logo. I got the fuschia one. I almost bought the one with crystals too but stopped myself on time. As long as I keep away from All Flip Flops in the next few days, I think my credit card is safe.


Anonymous said...

can you post a picture of the fuschia metallic logo? I am asking my friend to buy in behalf for me. I like the black one but she said it is sold out. :(

Blairbitch said...

there you go! posted my havies! thanks for visiting my blog =)

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting it and for the info on where I can find it. I'll tell my friend. :) i'm thinking if i'll buy the pink one or brown metallic logo.

This style is not yet available here in Singapore. :) thanks again!


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