Saturday, October 06, 2007

I am VIKTOR-ious!

Ssh... can you keep a secret?

I got another pair of Viktor jeans and this time in white!

I went to Viktor in Podium to have my pair repaired. No biggie, just lost a swarovski stud. Ino Caluza was there and I got a chance to chat with him. When he said that white should be THE third pair, I gave up the fight and got one. Just the basic with stitchings also done in white. I was planning to get one anyway after I bought two black tunic tops in Thailand that I knew, the moment I saw it, would go very well with a white Viktor.

It was a sign that Ino was there. It was meant to be. Oh, Ino was also such a nice guy! I mentioned I visit his blog and he said he has seen mine as well. I also mentioned to him about our family friends who convinced my mom to get jeans from him. I should tell Georgia I got another pair... *inggit*... teehee

Counting the days til I get my hands on my jeans! I'll tell my bro I need a pictorial with my Viktors!


I just had to post this for those sisters on the family way. Viktor does make jeans for pregnant women. After giving birth you can bring your pair back and they can re-do it to your un-pregnant size. Isn't that awesome?!


Michelle said...

viktors can be suuuper addicting talaga! :) i tried na another person for custom made jeans but it sooo does not compare to my viktors. :( some people say it's a rip-off kasi it's local blah blah, but i'm all for the fit and i looove how my viktors fit.

Blairbitch said...

hay! so true!

i forgot to mention that they also make for pregnant women... and Ino said after they give birth they can just bring it back to be adjusted to regular pants.


Michelle said...

oh they do?! i've been meaning to ask them that ever since the first time i went to them! kasi naman... his tag line diba? hahaha. galing galing! at least they take some sort responsibility for the pregnancy :p


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