Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A year away from the big 3-0!!!

I welcomed my birthday with my fiance, although I didn't make him stay til 12am, just 1130pm. He gave me my birthday gift, an Ateneo jacket from Adidas. He made sure it was gift wrapped. I demand my gifts to be gift wrapped unless it's a designer bag, then dustbag is enough. Hehehe. He chose a Power Puff Girls wrapper. Funny! Then I started receiving texts from my girlfriends.

Today my favorite inaanak made a card for me. So sweet of her! Her mom and her S.O. also got me two of the three books I've been looking for. We'll have a family dinner tonight sans my Dad who is stuck in Bicol for work. No prob, we'll all be spending the weekend together in Bangkok. I've packed super light (3 shirts, 2 shorts, a pair of pants, a pair of Havies and my gray Prima Crocs) to make space for the stuff I'll be buying. My Mom said we'll just go to Luk Foo(?) near Casino Filipino... ooohhh! Peking duck! Yum!

So far it has been a great day. Kinda blah but I don't mind. It comes with age I think. And my birthday and the Christmas season are taking a backseat this year coz of the wedding. THAT I'm REALLY looking forward to!

p.s. additional bday gift from my fiance... a TIU jersey... hehehe...

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