Sunday, September 02, 2007


Off to Viktor Jeans at Podium today after lunch. My mom... yes, mom... actually ordered three pairs from him and she's going in for a fitting. Well, she has the purchasing power, as opposed to me who simply has the fashion sense. Haha!

Ino Caluza is the man behind Viktor Jeans. I read in a magazine it all began because while in college he had jeans made at one of those obscure ataliers who charge not more than P500 for a pair. His friends got wind of this and started to ask him to have one made for them.

And now... many of his clients are the famous people only seen in the society pages.

What's great about his jeans? Since it's customized, the fit is perfect. I get this because I do have this problem. I have jeans that fit nicely around my legs but not on my waist. Let's just say my thighs are a challenge.

I'm excited to finally have a pair made. I've heard about him even before he was famous... before he charged P6000 for a pair. My mom's friend and her family have been his clients for years. Their daughter, a petite girl in her early teens, have dozens of Viktor in her closet. They've been raving about him but somehow we never got around having one made, until now. My mom raves about the pants she tried on in the store when she had her measurements taken.

I can't wait!

Oh, my mom said to wear my fave pair of jeans later, part of their fitting process I guess... I just realized I don't have one...

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