Thursday, September 20, 2007

Birthday Book List

Since it looks like my first wish list is just that, a wish list, I'm settling for books instead. Here are some of the titles I'm buying as birthday gifts for myself. Actually, I just can't seem to find them in bookstores (specially the first book!) near my office. Hoping these are available in Powerbooks in Serendra.

by Charlotte Williamson and Maggie Davis (seriously, this one I've been to several bookstores looking for it... I'm even on their waitlist!)

This one I'm looking for the paperback. They ran out of it too.

Another Cecilia Ahern novel, also entitled "Love, Rosie". I've been in denial trying to get this book for almost two years already. But I've gotten over my issues over this book and I think I'm ready to take the challenge.


van said...

I once saw a copy of 101 Things... in Fully Booked in Powerplant. Maybe they have that too in Serendra? I was gonna get that book before until this foreign chick grabbed it just as I reached for it! nasty noh? Tehehehe

tinkikay said...

i have both cecilia ahern books. ps i love you and rosie dunne used to be available at national bookstore. i was crying while reading ps i love you and it would make you appreaciate your fiance even more after you read it. :D good luck!


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