Thursday, July 15, 2004

Shopaholics Anonymous

There should be a Shopaholics Anonymous here. Then me and my roomies would be in it. I don't know if our impeccable fashion sense is a curse or a gift because it can be very difficult resisting our urges to shop. Just this week (our first week back in school) we went shopping last monday at our favorite tiangge store, Trix, in Geenbelt 1. We justified our shopping spree by saying we needed new clothes for school. Yesterday, we went again to Greenbelt. Our intention was to go to Mr. Quickie to have our indian shoes (pasalubong from our good friend Kris) resized. We ended up shopping at the bazaar on the 2nd floor. This time we used the excuse that we got our stuff REALLY cheap because it was a sale. I ended up buying this cool brown suede Puma shoes. Believe me, it's really nice! This matches well with my khaki mini skirt and my Esprit tennis skirt too! Okay...I digress...where was I? Oh yeah! So, in the afternoon, I went to Glorietta to look for a possible skirt for our Cubs' Night Party for the new students. Alisa (one of my roomies) told me about the sale at Tweeds. I go there and sale was over! I was suppose to give up when I happen to pass by Mango. Their sale was still on. I already looked at their stuff in Rockwell and I didn't fit in most of the clothes so I gave up. I wasn't really going to buy anything when I say this awesome brown asymmetrical skirt! It clinged to my hips so'll look good while I dance the night I ended up buying it.

Now, I have to have a firm resolve that I will not shop for the next...few weeks(?). Well, probably till end of July...

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