Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a sign! It's a sign!

When I was pregnant, I dragged my husband to attend Child birthing classes. It was our first baby so, I wanted to be prepared. Don't worry, he also had fun. Now that my baby is more than three months old, I attended a Baby Signing class.

Remember the cute kid in Meet the Fockers movie? That's the kind of sign language we learned. Our instructor, Ms. Jaime Pizarro was a great teacher. The instructions were simple and easy to learn. I did know a few signs, just some random thing I learned in high school for fun. But for those without any knowledge of signing, it's super easy! The real goal of signing with your baby is to communicate and eliminate the frustration of not knowing what he wants. Other plus factor is the early development of his verbal skills.

I attended the session last March 14 at Hobbes and Landes, Bonifacio High Street. Well, the next day I started using the sign for "milk", "more", "mommy" and "daddy" for Magnus. I wasn't expecting anything since Ms. Jaime said at that age, their motor skills are still not developed and it may take time for them to sign. I was pleasantly surprised last Saturday when he started signing in the car! Good thing I was quick to snap a few photos! Of course after that we gave him his milk.

It's not only the baby who should learn how to sign but the adults around him as well. I've been telling his yaya to sign to him since they're together most of the time during the day.

I really don't know if he knows he's signing already but whenever he does that we give him milk anyway. Although his Lolo is confusing him and starts chanting "close-open" when he sees him do it. I tell him he's saying he wants milk! Don't mess with him! It's so funny!

Check out the Baby Lingo site for other schedules.


shallow said...

i didn't know there was such a thing as baby signing. my niece did it extensively, but i never thought there was a science behind it hahaha... well, my robyn's 1 year and 4 months now, she had some really strange signs and "tricks" before.

Blairbitch said...

don't you just love it when they start doing new things no matter how simple it is?! adorable!


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