Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hope in a jar, bottle, tube and whatever

When I hit the big 3-oh, I swore to myself I would try my best to defy the pull of gravity on my face. I have been in denial for quite sometime already and it was time to finally face the fact that whatever I do, I will grow old. Gasp!

The years of worshiping the sun drenched in Coke to achieve that perfect tan has taken a toll on my skin. I find wrinkles around my eyes and my skin is a bit dry.

I did try to look for the perfect anti-ageing cream but I would either breakout or itch. Until I tried L'Oreal! I'm no endorser of the brand. I'm just so happy I finally found a skin regimen that I love and loves me back!

During the day I start of with my Cetaphil (which I've been doing since high school). Followed by Visible Results Skin Renewing Gelified Toner. And next is the Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle+Firming Day Cream. Last is the Revitalift Double Eye Lift. White pump is for under the eyes while the red pump is to lift the eyelids. It is recommended that we use our ring finger when putting creams or eyeshadow on our eyes since it puts less pressure.



For the my nightly ritual, I remove my make up with my Cetaphil but without water. I just lather it on my face and wipe it off with cotton. Then use it again to wash my face. Again, the Visible Results Skin Renewing Gelified Toner, followed by the Revitalift Night and the Revitalift Double Eye Lift.

I've been doing this for almost a month now and I'm very happy with the results. My pores are tighter and even if I have make up on the whole day everyday, my skin doesn't dry up anymore.

I hope I won't need the Advanced Revitalift Anti-Wrinkling Moisturizers line yet... maybe in another ten years.


shallow said...

i will also swear to the visible results line. but they have discontinued the cleanser and moisturizer. i use instead the derma genesis cleanser and moisturizer. they work wonderfully, my co-workers do compliment my skin. or maybe it's the make-up?? ;)

Blairbitch said...

you should own the compliment! it's not the make up... it's you! hahaha!


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