Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Now A Settler!

I'm no longer a Catan virgin!

Last friday I played Settlers of Catan with the usual bunch of misfits at our friend's place in Alexandria. I was a mere consultant during the first game since I was still trying to learn the game. The second game I tried to call the shots although my consultant was more intimidating than me.

The game lasted longer than usual since we only had one board and we had teammates. There were also bilateral and tripartite treaties going on with the ultimate goal of bring down one regime.

We won the second game. Now I feel confident to play alone and go head to head especially with Tini. We didn't try to connect my Seafarers of Catan yet, Dino was still trying to learn the game. Adding my Catan means bigger table and longer playing time. Whew!

It was 3am when we finished. Tired but happy with the company and the game.

There's a long weekend coming up... hint! hint!

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