Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Remember this book in the seventh book of Harry Potter, The Deathly Hallows? It's suppose to be a collection of short children stories, sort of like our version of fairy tales. It was given to Hermione and explained the history of Deathly Hallows in one of the stories, "The Tale of the Three Brothers".

More than a year ago, J.K. Rowling released seven copies of this book. Six went to special people who are special to her and have made Harry Potter the series a success. The last copy was auctioned off and was sold for more than a million pounds.

Thanks to J.K. Rowling and the owners of the other copies, us muggles can enjoy the book as well! Worldwide release of this book is slated on December 4, 2008.

Power Books accepts pre-orders. I'm asking hubby to make sure I get a copy. I'm hoping I can hold off reading this until I'm on maternity leave. Or maybe I can bring this tn the hospital to keep me distracted during labor. I'm still a Harry Potter fan and I'm still experiencing withdrawal syndrome from the last book. This will also help ease the disappointment of waiting for the next movie.

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