Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ilog Maria

I've heard about Ilog Maria since last year. It was featured at Kikay Exchange twice already. And then one of my officemates asked me if I knew about it... of course I knew about it! Thanks to K.E.! I did order a few items just to try it.

Well, yesterday, the family decided to have lunch in Tagaytay despite the arrival of Pablo. My mom's friend who works in the casino there brought us to the Ilog Maria store. I was surprised and excited since I only know them via the net. I think we did got carried away coz even my hubby bought like eight bars of soap, Spearmint, believed to be good for those with skin asthma. We also got the Propolis Throat Spray since hubby conducts training and might need it to soothe his throat during his runs. I also got one just because I was prone to tonsilitis. Grabbed other soaps too and extra lip balm. Oh, and also trying the shampoo.

My parents bought almost one of everything too! They got the Honey Cider, Fresh Bee Pollen and even candles!!! Beats shopping online!

Now, we have another reason to go to Tagaytay!

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