Monday, September 29, 2008

The Moment of Truth

Ever since I got pregnant I've stayed home quite a lot because of a cold or was required to take bed rest.

So here I am again. At home. Stuck with the t.v. and books to keep me company. Guess what I'm watching... The Moment of Truth.

The concept of the show is to say the truth. The contestant is given 21 personal questions, increasing in difficulty, while your family and friends are there. Sometimes to even asked the questions themselves. Question vary like "Have you ever cheated on your husband?", Where you still in love with your ex on your wedding day?", "Have you ever had sex to further your career?"

The pot money is $500,000.00. Prior the show the contestants goes thru a polygraph test, the results of which they don't know.

So, you think it's worth the money?! Can you handle the truth?! I think it's crazy!!! It's addicting though.

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