Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sony this? Or Sony that?

I love SMART coz they know how to take care of their customers. They give away cool phones for their loyal subscribers than their other competitor. I've been up for a new phone for the past two months but whenever I find a phone I like already, they tease me and tell me new ones are coming! Then I wait. Now, I can't decide...

I think Nokia is overrated and iPhones are too dangerous for me. I text and drive too. One hand on the phone is enough for me.

I'm a Sony Ericsson gal. Both of my phones are... I hate bringing extra chargers so I just bring one coz I can use it for both my phones... When I got the list of phones from SMART, they told me the Sony Ericsson G700 is their newest addition in their free phone list for my plan. It's touch screen. Quite snazzy huh?!

But then I'm thinking of downgrading down a plan. If I do that I can't get the G700 anymore. Have to add about P4k. I don't want that. The next best unit is the Sony Ericsson K770i. It's not touch screen though.

Which one should I get?! Hmmm... I was hoping I'd save money and downgrade. Or I could downgrade and pay to get the new phone... I need divine intervention to decide! Fashion over comfort???

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