Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I swear by Palmer's!!!

Oooohhh, lately my tummy has been itching really bad. You know the old ladies' tale that the baby's hair is growing, hence, the itchy belly?! It's really not true. It's the skin stretching. Sometimes it gets too dry... mommies have suggested petroleum jelly or lotion but a lot of my friends recommend Palmer's. I got my first tubes from Rustan's Essences but my mommy bought more from the US. She got me the Organics line of their maternity care. Lovin' it coz the cocoa butter smells so yummy.

I love my baby but mommy needs to look good too. This one helps prevent stretch marks. Although they say it's hereditary but I'm taking my chances. So far at more than five months, no traces yet... wew!
This one I use when it's extra itchy. It can be used right after shower on damp skin or rub it on dry skin. A friend from Singapore gave me a bottle. Thank God coz I'm done with my first bottle already!

For mommy's already breastfeeding, my mommy friends say this helps too. The nipples get cracked and dry after awhile. I know, not a pretty sight, but that's motherhood for you.

I have to stop myself from scratching! Argh! Think bikinis! Think bikinis!

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