Saturday, September 13, 2008

Doughnut mess with the BIG FOUR!!!

Even Krispy Kreme joins the bandwagon. They came out with the Final Four Doughnuts in honor of the four awesome universities in the final four this season.

I've actually tasted them already (thanks to another Atenean officemate)... well, just the one covered with blue and white sprinkles of course. It's just their chocolate covered doughnuts with candy sprinkles. Nothing fab but the school loyalty really got me.

I know for a fact that the owners of Krispy Kreme here in the Philippines are Lasallians. If Ateneo and Lasalle do end up in the finals, do you think they'll give away doughnuts during the game?! They'll probably make more of those green and white doughnuts...

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