Thursday, September 25, 2008


Was it rain or was it tears that caused the floods around the Taft area tonight?! Tears from the Lasalle community as they lost Game 2 of the Season 71 Finals.

Ateneo sweeps the finals. Ateneo also sweeps all of its games against DLSU.

There were tight calls by the refs on both side. They were quick to call simple hand checks. The technical foul called on Rico Maierhoffer during the 3rd quarter was a bit questionable. Refs thought they saw him give a dirty finger on someone. It was his second, hence, he got thrown out of the game. Replay was unclear but he said he was signaling to a teammate to stay beneath the basket to get ready for a pass. During the 4th quarter, JV Casio got his fifth foul and was also sent back to the bench. But of course, DLSU has bragged about their "deep bench" so the two star players sitting out shouldn't be a problem.

But I think the problem was lack of team work. DLSU players were going for individual plays while Ateneo learned early on to sacrifice individual points if it means getting the play done.

During the awarding ceremony the DLSU team opted not to claim their medals. Was that boycott on their part?! I'm expecting them to file a complaint. They always do anyway...

What a way to end the series!!!

I'm sooooo happy! Now, I can gloat. Big time. I have bragging rights til the next season begins.

My hubby said I can go to the big campus celebration... last time we were champions there was a bonfire party. Although on my sixth month, I think I can handle the excitement. I did get to watch all the games... even just on t.v. I think my baby loves to watch too. He kicks more whenever we watch ADMU games.

In the meantime, we wait for the Eaglets to do what their Kuyas did today.

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