Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sandals and more Sandals

Sandra and Sancai approve of my my new acquisitions

I really miss wearing heels. It makes me feel very feminine. I always channel Carrie Bradshaw when I walk in my heels. But since I'm sometimes clumsy, I don't want to take the risk while I'm pregnant so I kept with my flats and sandals ever since we found out about the baby.

Now, I have lots of sandals. I bought another pair tonight when my hubby and I had dinner at Hap Chan in Market! Market! Cole Vintage was on sale.

Then, while waiting for my hubby's books to be plastic wrapped at Fullybooked (yes, you can request them to do that for free!), we went to Charles and Keith. Since he felt bad he didn't have a gift for me on my birthday, he bought me another pair of sandals. In fairness, I like what he chose! I think he's learning about fashion already.

Hopefully I'll be back on my heels after the baby comes. And I hope my feet doesn't swell too much or else I'd have to buy new shoes! Tsk, tsk, tsk! And that would be bad right?! As it is, I've been borrowing shoes from my mom coz mine feels tight already. My mom wears a half to one size bigger than me.

I promise I won't buy flats anymore. Focus on baby Magnus... oh, but I want a pair of FitFlop first!!!

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