Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Phone in question for Urban Bazaar

Sigh! Oct. 24-25 was a bit hectic for me I didn't get to go to the Urban Bazaar. Now I'm trying to look for one of the sellers online but can't seem to find their site. Or maybe they don't have one. So, any of you who knows how I can get in touch with The Organizer’s & VM Storage Experts... please leave a message. I have a storage box I'd like to order for my baby. Went shopping for him already and I have nowhere to put all his stuff.

I remember they had a chest-type storage big enough for toys. And it could be personalized too. I remember getting their contact number during the September bazaar but couldn't find the flyer or card anymore.

Sigh... dang! Where did I put those stuff anyway?!

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