Saturday, August 30, 2008

I need Breaking Dawn!!!

Being confined at home is bad enough. Being confined on the bed is even worse. My meals are even brought up to me. After a little baby-scare a few nights ago which led me to two nights in the hospital, I was ordered a week of complete bed rest.

What to do?!... What to do?!

Little brother was so nice he left me the 2nd and 3rd books of the Twilight Saga. Although with my uncanny ability to read fast... as in really fast... I finished both books already and it's just my first day back home. Which leaves me hanging coz baby brother hasn't bought the last book yet. Argh! I was supposed to get the last book but I haven't had the chance with the visit to the hospital and all.

What to do...?! What to do...?!

Maybe I can ask hubby to run to the bookstore to get it for me... I really can't be left hanging like this...


kong-chu said...

get get get!!!!

I can understand how you feel, hehehe...!

Blairbitch said...

tini got me yesterday. now i'm done with the three books na... don't have anything to read anymore!



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