Saturday, August 09, 2008

The urge to splurge!

I went shopping with my friend last weekend. We usually try less-spending each other... meaning, we wished the other would spend more than the other did. Hahaha! To make ourselves feel better with our shopping loot! I won big time after she splurged on these Seven jeans. It was on sale and I felt it was a good bargain... but she felt so guilty after! She already bought two pairs of shoes before this one.

But I had to tell her... the fit was great and it was indeed on sale. Relatively big discount from full price. I'd rather go for quality than quantity. Besides, in her line of work she gets to wear jeans which means return on investment is faster.

If it's any consolation, I told her if I wasn't pregnant, I probably would've gotten a pair too. I wanted a wide-legged pants also on discount.

Sigh... good thing I was pregnant! I just ended up buying my face powder from MAC, a GAP sandals on sale and also a shirt for hubby.


cd said...

But you have wide-legged jeans already Cons! Hehehe!

moe said...

ay naku, si willa ang shopping friend na ito!


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