Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baby M.A.C.

I've always associated MAC with my mom. She sources most of her MAC straight from Canada where it's cheaper and the hard-to-find shades here in Phil are more available. Which means... if my mommy buys it, it must be expensive. Well, not for all products. I was pleasantly surprised that their face powder/foundation was affordable enough for me. I'm very attached to my powder and waited till there's none left before I bought a new one. I'm also picky about the shade. I'm not one to hide my morena skin. I relish it actually. Hence, I don't like looking pasty-white on my face while my neck and the rest of me is actually darker.

My brands compose of Revlon, L'Oreal and Maybelline which fits in my budget. I'm happy I decided to try the MAC Studio Fix (my shade is NC42)! For P1,500... not bad!

My friend, MN, who works for CAS (Center for Aesthetic Studies) swears MAC is one of the best. During one of our get togethers, she ended up putting make up on all of us. We raided my mom's MAC loot and she played with colors I wouldn't try myself. Now I'm wanting some more MAC (I stole some from my mom already... ooops)...

maybe some Shadesticks... for quick eyeshadow application

Solar Field Bronzing Powder because I love the sun kissed look

and Viva Glam lipsticks

I need to update my make up kit... me want something like this... the one on the left is MN's and the one on the right is my mom's. The little bag there is mine. Poor me...

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