Thursday, October 21, 2004

Rest In Peace

I'm tired of...
... Being the big sister who has to put up with a brother who stopped calling me 'ate' years ago
... Being the daughter who has to help around the house even when I'm just there during weekends while my brother gets away with his responsibilities
... Being the student who has to juggle my classes and thesis that means life and death for me
... Being the girlfriend who always have to make the first move to patch things up everytime something goes wrong even when it's not my fault

I'm just really tired of living. But then again, what other choices do I have? Lately I'm losing energy trying to pull myself out of bed every morning and doing almost the same thing every day.

I want to do something else. I want to do something exciting.

I want people to think I'm important to their lives once in awhile and pat my back for doing a good job.

I want to go somewhere were I don't have to be me.

I want to really live life and not just exist.

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