Monday, July 02, 2007

Conchita: Are you wearing your Schu today?

Schu is having an online contest that will run for one month, from July 1-31. To join, all you have to do is send as many photos of yourself, wearing your favorite Schu and in a few words, share why you chose that particular pair to match your outfit!

At the end of the month, all the photos will be gathered in one album and they will post a poll so you can invite your friends to vote for the best in style. Professional stylists and fashion writers will also be invited to cast their votes on the final 10. If they like your style, then you get a new pair of Schus! Exciting prizes await those who win in the special categories too!

Come on girls! Show off your own pair of Schu! Email your photos to


Taking my cue from Jill and Tin-tin, I am showing my love and support to Ruby and Schu. So, here I am, showing off my ala Mary Poppins shoes.

"I love this pair because it's so versatile! I can wear this for work with my suits and look all coporate. But when I feel like unleashing my funky side, I can wear this with a cute skirt and colored pantyhose. We did a little styling for this photoshoot, especially the last shot with my red plaid skirt (from the now defunked Havoc Store), plain black top and shoes worn with frilly socks. Don't you also feel like tap dancing in this pair?! When I saw this in Galleria I knew it was the Schu for me!"


My brother, Jong, set up his little studio at home complete with lights and backdrop. One more reason we did do this photoshoot! So people and the universe... feel free to get in touch with him for photoshoots. And when he's famous I can proudly say I'm one of his models!


Anonymous said...

hi, i love your pic on checkered skirt. youre wearing a skintone pantyhose arent you?

pls drop me an email..

ashley (

Blairbitch said...

no pantyhose. maybe it's the lighting... or the lotion? haha!


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